Advertising assets management
Advertising assets management

Advertising assets management

Project details

(Re)Designing the user interface of one internal tools aimed at managing advertisement material for the advertisement department.

Matching all requirements of the existing tool, while improving the overall user experience.

The target audience was advertising integrators and sales representative.

I was Product designer within a team of 5 developers, and one Product owner/business analyst.


  • User and market research
  • Wireframes
  • UI mockups
  • Styleguide and Specifications for Developers

Research phase

As ressources and time allocation were very limited, we conducted a set of 2 interviews with 6 end users to determine the following aspects:

  • What are you using this tool for?
  • How are you using this tool? (supported with a live demo)
  • What would you improve if you were to redesign the whole tool ?
  • What is working well with the current tool ?



The main objective of this tool was pretty straightforward, there wasn't any particular challenges that we hadn't envisioned. However, there was clear expectations regarding the friendliness and the ease of use of this (re)design, as with many legacy tools early waiting to be overhauled.

Previous system (legacy)
Previous system (legacy)

Design phase

As said earlier, considering the relatively small scope of this project, we skipped wireframes and dove directly into hi-fidelity mockups.

Our main objective was to validate design hypothesis with end users before committing ourselves through a couple of development sprints.

For that matter, we reused react components to ensure a cohesive experience between every tool that is shipped internally. We built our mockups, then validated those user flows (simple click to page prototype) and interfaces with end users through interviews.


Testing phase

Staging MVP

Once developers had a working end to end, we made sure to validate once more the experience and gather valuable feedback from users about the overall flow and experience.

We learned that some little details were missing like :

  • Some kind of notifications for system feedback, informing users what is happening or not.
  • The ability to download all material at once, instead of one by one.
  • The ability to upload multiples files at once.
  • Error prevention through the implementation of error message in the upload popover.


What we learned


Because the project is small and UI centered doesn't mean that it's a walk in the park. Best ergonomics of user interface are always tricky to implement, because user needs doesn't necessarily match development abilities to implement those, or project time and ressources constraints.


Communication and user testing is always possible, even remote working.